What is Très tre 3?

A 60-year old private house in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo reborn as Creators Village “Très tre 3”.

In this space, we hold live events such as clothes and art exhibitions, installations and music that make use of the antique atmosphere. Marche de Ringo will in the terrace adjacent to the Cafe, where sweets, beverages, organic vegetables, etc. are lined up.

Très tre 3 is a home away from home not only for artists, but all people of shapes and sizes can express, share and interact. We would like to be where people connect with each other, not just in Japan, but with the world as well.

What we do

We are a cafe and gallery shop, with occasional exhibitions and events. The space within the building and terrace can be rent for 1 day or 3 days.

Our establishment

1F Cafe

1F will be rented out on a daily basis. There are seats for 30 to 40 people. The 1F Cafe will be a Tea Room where you can enjoy afternoon tea all day long. The kitchen is filled with professional patisseries, so our menu is centered on sweets and parfaits.

1F Outdoor terrace

With a take-out counter and a few seats, the terrace becomes a second cafe area where you can feel the sunlight and greenery outside. Mobile house creator group Sampo will also participate.

Marchés will be held regularly and events such as organic vegetables and flea markets will be held from time to time.

2F Gallery & Shop

2F is a comfortable area with plenty of natural light through the south-facing windows. The spacious space with high ceiling is lined with Select shops, clothes, accessories and household goods. This floor can also be used as a Gallery, hold exhibitions, workshops, pop-up shops, etc. There is enough room for 50-60 people at a time.

The second floor can be rented from 1 day to 1 week.

Want to help make our dream come true?

We are organising a Crowdfunding campaign to make Très Tre 3 into the dream house we had when we first discovered the building. All help is very much appreciated.

Who we are

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