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Past Events

February 2018
Ryohei Kubota Hand Pan Live

Hand pan player Ryohei Kubota
Also performed at Fuji Rock Festival in summer 2019
He met in the street era and appeared in various live concerts wearing hada overhemd shirts.

South Siberian Music Khomei & Bulgarian Choral Live
by Часчайкускыш (Chas-Chai-Kus-Kush )

June 2016
Accessory brand nibi Popup shop & workshop

December 2015
hada WILDFRÄULEIN de F Exhibition

Joint exhibition by 3 apparel brands

May 2015
Puppet Artist Yuriko Yamayoshi Exhibition

Mr. Yamakichi’s mysterious and aesthetic world view merged with the atmosphere of the second floor attic, creating a space where the dolls really live.

March 2014
Spring Tea Party Event-HARVEST Spice Tea-workshop & Veerle Basket Bag workshop

December 2013
Mad Potter’s Tea Party Vol.2 with the Night life of Trees

The silk-screen work of Tara Books, a world-renowned picture book “Night Tree”. KATSUMOTO MITSURU / Magiera collaboration installation exhibition, focused on Steve Harrison ceramics.
This time, we participated in the production of clothes and accessories for those works, and also had a talk event with Kichijoji OUTBOUND Kobayashi.

December 2012
Mad Potter’s Tea Party – in the secret garden – Steve Harrison

Finally, we opened the long-awaited Shop.
It was an exhibition of three artists, British ceramic artist Steve Harrison, installation artist Mitsuru Katsumoto and candle artist Magiera. The exhibition was organised by Riko Asaina.
However, even on the day of the Open, we painted the walls just in the morning, finished installing the lights in the afternoon, and the actual preparations for the party was also just in time for incoming customers.
The space created by everyone together was, nevertheless, filled with a mysterious charm, and the house was reborn into a cozy home.